About Us

Our Company


  • GC&J Constructions celebrated 50 years of service to the South Australian construction industry in 2012. An amazing achievement for a family based company in a tough industry, and to have maintained steady growth in the Commercial Industry is a testament to the dedicated management and staff.


  • We have developed a reputation for excellence in construction and service provision with excellent financial and industrial stability.


  • Our Managing Director, Rhys Brown leads a team of experienced construction professionals, mixing tertiary qualifications with practical experience. This team’s commitment to the needs of our clients, allows our company to excel in task assessment, planning, implementation and completion.


  • GC&J Constructions sets the benchmark high, and our need to exceed accepted levels of industry excellence has fuelled the company’s growth and has allowed us to undertake both large and small projects.  These range in value from a few hundred thousand dollars up to $20 million +.




  • GC&J Constructions is a relationship based construction company that provides clients with a holistic building experience.


  • We will continue to strive to enhance our reputation for construction excellence, service provision with financial & industrial stability.


  • GC&J Constructions provides innovative building solutions across the commercial, retail, education, aged care, health, residential, industrial, fit out and refurbishment sectors


  • We are capable of successfully delivering projects for a diverse range of clients by taking a leading edge approach to the implementation of innovative construction techniques and professional management procedures.


  • GC&J Constructions understands that the long term value of satisfied clients reaches beyond the financial value of each project.


  • Client satisfaction is vital for the viability of GC&J Constructions, and is the foundation of its reputation. It is for this reason that we ensure we deliver on our every promise of high quality construction, within budget, and on time to complete satisfaction of the client and construction team.


DPTI Prequalification


  • GC&J Constructions has attained DPTI Prequalification Category levels GB2 and F4 which enables our company to tender on specific government projects.


  • To attain these levels, the company needs to meet stringent Government standards in both building and financial capabilities.


  • This offers great assurance to all our clients that we are a strong reliable construction partner to work with.


Below:  Founder Harry Brown is presented with a plaque to help commemorate outstanding achievements by GC&J Constructions in the building industry and to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of our company.